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Eve Chalcraft

Artist's Statement

Using a variety of media, my work involves a spontaneous reaction to the subject, be it my favourite landscape, still life or the human form.  Energetic marks create atmosphere and texture in an attempt to embody the sensation of the moment without getting hung up on the minutiae of the scene before me.


Inspiration is all around - living on the edge of the South Downs National Park, daily life is steeped in the natural history of the area.  From coast to downland, village to city, I need not travel far to find new and fascinating vistas carved and moulded by the elements.  Sketching outdoors, I relish the thrill of a squally storm or sea spray damping my clothes, the caress of sun on skin, the crackle of autumn detritus underfoot, the beauty of dappled shade below ancient trees. 


Back in the studio, the work will grow and develop in response to these speedy graphite or pen and ink sketches or slightly more considered watercolour studies.  What appears on the easel is an amalgam of sensations, memories and imagination which subtly evolves into a response to what is happening at this certain moment. 


Sometimes that fleeting gift of serendipity happens, when something wonderful, surprising or exciting might occur.  Then follows the fear of going just a bit too far, of losing that moment of awe which sparked the impetus to put on paper what was seen, heard and felt - on the skin and in the heart and soul.   


My paintings and drawings have been exhibited in Sussex and are held in private collections both at home and abroad.